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  • While being the only  doctor in the parish of Hanover for many years, he found time to be involved in the community.

  • He helped to raise funds to build a Children's Ward at the Lucea Hospital

  • He became founder and President of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce

  • He was the founder and president of the Hanover Garden Club

  • He was the founder of the Hanover Parish Choir

  • He was a member of many school boards

  • He served on the Negril Land Authority

  • He raised funds for the building of a Basic School that now bears his name.

  • He was a member, then became President, of the Hanover Charities Organization

  • 1973 - Arthur Wint was awarded the Jamaican honour of the Order of Distinction.


The Early Years
The War Years & RAF (Royal Air Force)

Changing Gears to Medicine

Medical Career & Social Involvement

Later Years
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What Others Say -- Michael Manley

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