Arthur Wint: THE EARLY YEARS (cont.)

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Arthur Wint was a mischievous boy, who loved to go fishing for janga (crayfish) with his brothers and friends .

Once he skipped school to pick and roast cashew nuts. One of the nuts popped out of the fire and burned his arm, giving him a scar he bore throughout the rest of his life. The hard part was explaining to his mother what had happened.

Because his father was a Presbyterian minister, the family would move to different places. Wherever they moved, Arthur's mother started a primary school, or improved the school that already existed. For Wint it was sometimes hard to be the son of the schoolteacher.

Arthur went to boarding school at Calabar when he was 10 years old. By the age of 13 he was tall, in fact much taller than most of the oldest boys in the school, but in those days he was not allowed to wear long pants to school -- he still had to wear short pants, and he detested this.


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